Marvel’s Iron Man Is Now A Black Girl

Marvel has made Iron Man a black lady, and honestly i didnt see that one coming. I always think its cool to see black women as superheroes, but I would like to see an original one and not make over. I hope this new Iron Man concept is well received.

P.s The name of the new Iron Man lady character is Riri Williams…let me guess, they named her after Rihanna? (Rihanna calls herself Riri).



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Video: XXL – Sport Unites All

My friend and famous skater Adil Luigi Dyani is in a new commercial with no other than famous soccer star Ronaldinho. i just met him a couple of days a go and he told me about it and when i saw the commcercial , I just had to share it with you guys.

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Video: Omer Bhatti – Automatic

My friend Omer Bhatti is out with a brand new video and single that looks awesome and which I think is his best yet. He told me he was working on something really cool and spectacular, but he didnt want to tell me too much and said the video would show and tell everything. Enjoy!

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Music: DMX – Blood Red

DMX is back with a banger. It definitely hears like the old DMX is back. I`ve been a DMX fan for as long as I remember and I think his two first albums are classics, so I am hopeful about his coming album after hearing this song.

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The Urban Legend making its mark at Desucon

We spent the whole weekend at Desucon in Lillestrom, Norway, where we had our own Urban Legend stand. It was great being at Desucon, because we met a lot of great people and it was great to see so many Urban Legend fans out there. Urban Legend is really growing and people were asking us all the time about the season 2 book. We are currently working on the season 2 book and it will be out soon…very soon. Here are some cool pics from Desucon.

The Urban Legend with The Avengers

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