Trailer: Olympic Pride, American Prejudice


A new documentary chronicles the African-Americans athletes who beat the Nazis in the 1936 Olympics while still facing racism back home. Most people know of Jesse Owens who won four gold medals in front of Adolf Hitler during the Olympics and who shook his master race theory to the ground. But what about the 17 other athletes who also participated in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin?

The irony is that although Hitler´s Aryan race hate doctrine was the law of the land, most of the German people lauded the African-American competitors, asking for autographs, inviting them to their homes and treating them with the respect that their white compatriots often did not, the film shows. While back home in the US, black people couldnt eat in the same restaurant as white people and they couldnt even vote.

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Video: XXL – Sport Unites All

My friend and famous skater Adil Luigi Dyani is in a new commercial with no other than famous soccer star Ronaldinho. i just met him a couple of days a go and he told me about it and when i saw the commcercial , I just had to share it with you guys.

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The Urban Legend making its mark at Desucon

We spent the whole weekend at Desucon in Lillestrom, Norway, where we had our own Urban Legend stand. It was great being at Desucon, because we met a lot of great people and it was great to see so many Urban Legend fans out there. Urban Legend is really growing and people were asking us all the time about the season 2 book. We are currently working on the season 2 book and it will be out soon…very soon. Here are some cool pics from Desucon.

The Urban Legend with The Avengers

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Jesse Williams BET awards speech

I was in awe of Jesse Williams speech at BET awards yesterday. Jesse talked about racism in the industry and how we should and can overcome it by coming together as one force. He also gave a beautiful shoutout to black women and basically said the struggle continues.

Here is a snippet of his awesome speech.

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